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Christmas Around The World, Tradition, Tradition World-Wide

Christmas Around The World, Tradition, Tradition World-Wide

After the United States and Canada celebrate their spooky Halloween. They greet December with pre-preparation of Christmas.

Either some family starts with making list of invitations to be sent, or to find a holiday fun package. It doesn’t matter what you choose, the holiday season is the most enjoyable time of the year.

This is the time when family comes together. Our houses, Christmas trees are decorated with wonderful lights. Everyone unite with voices singing carols and prayers on the dinner table.

But, the traditions are not the same when you move away from the United States to Europe. More than two billion people celebrate Christmas every year, so we’ve set up a fun guide for you.


Christmas Celebration, Christmas Celebration Around the World, Christmas Around The World,  Christmas Tradition, Christmas Tradition World-Wide


Christmas Around The World, Tradition, Tradition World-Wide

We’ll be going through the list of different countries are take a peek through their tradition of celebrating Christmas. The list includes celebration methods, beliefs, and traditions. So, here are the list of different countries celebrating Christmas around the World.


1. Serbia

The Christmas traditions of Serbia doesn’t believe in exchanging gifts. Two Sunday’s before 25th of December, children tie up their mom. She has to give a ransom money to set free. One day before Christmas, the same happens with the father.


2. Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland

The tradition of Christmas follows the beliefs of Saint Nicolas (The real Santa Claus). In these countries, a devil-like character accompanies Santa Claus on Christmas days. The devil-like character is warning to children not to be bad. In France, there’s a similar figure called La Pere Fouettard.


3. Italy

A good witch called La Befana delivers presents for children on a broomstick. But, if you’ve been bad – expect lumps of coal.


4. Netherlands

The origin of name Santa Claus belongs to Dutches who named him Sinterklaas. The Santa Claus doesn’t live at the North Pole, but in sunny Spain and arrives by Steamboat with a helper. The helper knew as Black Peter rather than an Elf.


5. Sweden, Norway, and Scandinavia

Across the region, a gnome-like character called Tomte in Sweden and Nisse in Norway. These people believe that he protects barns and bring presents for children. Every Christmas, the kids leave a bowl of porridge out for him.


6. Australia

Their tradition has it that Father Christmas swaps his reindeer for six white boomers’ or Kangaroos. It’s also traditional to enjoy a barbecue on the bench on the big day.


7. India

Mango trees are often decorated instead and mango leaves used to brighten up homes. These houses are also brightened by series of oil lamps across the door.


8. Greenland

The hardy folk in the Arctic Circle tuck into some unusual dishes. A decomposed bird gets wrapped in seal’s skin and buried under a stone for several months. They also feast on mattak, slices of raw whale skin.


9. Ukraine

Their tradition is more like Halloween traditions. The Ukrainians decorate their Christmas trees with spider webs. Legend says that a magic spider once visited a poor family at Christmas. He turned the webs into gold and silver.


10. Bulgaria

One of the Christmas traditions is Koleduvane. This tradition involves boys singing carols outside neighbors’ houses. They get a pat on their back with decorated sticks.


11. Greece

The tradition of Greece includes wrapping basil around a cross. Holy water is sprinkled around the house using the basil. They believe that this helps in keeping mischief making goblins away from their houses. There’s also a tradition to burn old shoes for good luck in the following year.


12. Venezuela

On Christmas day, the close down the roads to help locals roller skate to the morning mass. They even tie pieces of String and dangle them out of the window. So, if they oversleep, passers-by will be able to tug on the string and wake them up.


13. Brazil

They believe that animal gains the power of speech on Christmas night. Children here get their presents in their shoes rather than stockings from Papa Noel.


14. Jamaica

Christmas time is marked by  the John Canoe parade, which dates back to times of slavery. People dress up in wacky masks and costumes. Curried goat is often on the menu for Christmas dinner.


15. Mexico

The celebration of Christmas includes craving human figure with radishes. These also includes those from nativity scenes.


16. Czech Republic

Their beliefs include not eating anything until the special dinner is been served. So that they can try to see a mythical golden pig appear. Another tradition sees a girl putting a cherry twig in water on December 4th. If it blossoms before Christmas Eve the girl will marry the following year.


17. Poland

These people place a piece of iron under the Christmas dinner table to make sure everyone has strong legs. The tradition also has 12 courses, two of which are carp.


18. Iceland

There are 13 Santas in Iceland. These Yule followers traditionally come down one by one from the mountain. They give presents to good children and rotten potatoes to the bad ones.

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