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What Is Christmas Celebrated For, Who Celebrate Christmas, When Is Christmas Celebrated?

What Is Christmas Celebrated For, Who Celebrate Christmas, When Is Christmas Celebrated?

After the US celebrates Halloween, December brings in the most beloved and widely celebrated festival of the year. On one side, where snow fills the streets. The people starts the pre-preparation of the holiday season. After the US and Canada celebrate Halloween, the people eagerly wait for the celebration of Christmas.

How crucially is, this time is for the followers of Jesus Christ, more crucial it is for the businesses. This is because month of December brings a 60% of the total income of the whole year. With, sales rising high all over this years, businesses have been running an advertising campaign to make Christmas a peak time.

Did you know? Our all favorite Santa Claus never had a definite color of his dress or the white beard. But, according to one of Pepsi’s advertising which showed Santa in red and white. From then Santa has always seen as a person in the red and white dress.

True, Christmas is a marvelous time of the year with a beautiful purpose. In 21st Century where the purpose of a human being is to find their purpose in life. They find themselves struggling with payments and responsibilities. Christmas help them enjoy some time of their life with family and friends, keeping aside difficulties. This is the purpose of Christmas in our lives.


What is Christmas Celebrated For?


History Of Christmas


Christmas is the time to celebrate and remember the birth of Jesus Christ (Son of God). The name ‘Christmas‘ comes from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass service is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life.

Back in 8th Century, when Christianity took all over the Europe. Christians decided to carry forward some of the traditions of Pagan cultures. The celebration included Saturnalia (Orgy of food and drinks), worship Saturn (God of Agriculture) and Mithra (Sun God).

The people in 8th Century would completely depend on agriculture as daily bread. And, with the arrival of winter agriculture and longer night would bring problems to people. To be safe from darkness, cold, and hunger — people would bring trees inside houses to keep safe from cold.

Who Celebrate Christmas?


Who Celebrate Christmas, Christmas Celebration Around The World


As we said, Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Those Christians who believe in Jesus as Son of God are the one who celebrates Christmas.

In 21st Century with the help of the power of media and advertising. More people understand Christmas and celebrate Christmassy time with their family. Holiday season attract the majority of the tourist to famous Christmas places around the World.

When Is Christmas Celebrated?


When Is Christmas Celebrated, Christmas Observance, When Is Christmas Observed


Although December 25th is the date when most people celebrate Christmas. There are some other dates as well. This includes celebrations on 25th December, 7th January because of different use of Calendars.

The orthodox churches in Russia, Serbia, Jerusalem, Ukraine, Ethiopia and other countries use old Julian calendar. These are the people who celebrate Christmas on 7th January.

Most of Greek orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on 25th of December. In Armenia, the Apostolic Church celebrates Christmas on January 6th. It also celebrates ‘Epiphany’ on this day.

Note – Epiphany is celebrated for 12 days after 6th January. And, it is the time when Christians remember the Wise Men (3 Kings) who visited Jesus Christ.

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