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Christmas History, Celebration, Traditional Celebration(XMAS)

Christmas History, Celebration, Traditional Celebration (XMAS)


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Winter is coming, and we don’t know what would come with that. Some of the Game of Throne fans may laugh thinking what it meant. We all know what is coming, and it going to be good.

Game of Thrones has shown something which somehow matches to our historical Christmas celebrations. For all who doesn’t know anything about GOT, there a small recap.

Game of Thrones shows the arrival of black power with the arrival of Winter. This is because in winter where the nights are long, dark has the more power. Even before the birth of Christ, means used to collect woods and burn them inside houses in Winter.


Christmas History

These meant 2 reasons – First, evergreen (trees) ever the reminders of life. Second, logs set on fire would promise good fortune. This was the celebration of Yule. As daily survival was dependent on agriculture, winter limited their chances of food.

This was the reason, the celebration in honor of Saturn came into existence. Saturn is the Roman God of Agriculture. Do you believe in good luck? Because the people of Rome did!

Their soldiers and officials used to worship Mithra (Sun God). According to the myth, December 25th was the holiest day of the year – the birthday of Mithra. Pagan culture also had one famous celebration known as Saturnalia. This was the festival known as an orgy of food and drink.

Christmas History, Celebration, Traditional Celebration (XMAS)

These were the most traditional celebration of Christmas. None of these celebration maps to the modern day celebration of Christmas. So, to understand the history of modern celebration we need to go back in 1800’s. The year which started it all!


The Traditional Christmas Celebrations

The celebration of Christmas never existed before the 1800’s. This was the time when Pagan festival included a festival with wild parties viz. Mardi Gras. Even though, some opposed the whole concept. But in Colonial America, a law resulted in a heavy fine for opposing Christmas celebration.

Apart from parties, Christmas is also known for Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and Cards. This is how every one of them had a history of their existence.


1. Christmas Tree

Christmas History, Celebration, Traditional Celebration (XMAS)

In 1800’s, when Prince Albert of Germany when married to Queen Victoria. He carried his country’s long-time tradition of decorating evergreen trees. In 1848, a picture of decorated Christmas tree got published in an American magazine. This gave rise to the custom caught of decorating evergreen onto the lands of America.


 2. Exchanging Christmas Cards

Christmas History, Celebration, Traditional Celebration (XMAS)

The tradition of exchanging Christmas cards was also started in England in the 1800’s. Giving gift was an old Christmas tradition with roots going back for many centuries. At first, gift giving remind people of gift brought to baby Jesus at the time of birth.


 3. Santa Claus

Christmas History, Celebration, Traditional Celebration (XMAS)

The story of Santa Claus began in the 4th century with the death of Nicolas (a beloved Turkey Bishop). The anniversary of his death became known as Saint Nicolas Day. On this day, saint awarded good children with gifts and bad children would get nothing.

Almost 1500 years later, a seminary professor named Clement Clarke Moore re-imagined the legend of Saint Nicolas. In 1822, Moore wrote a poem called “Night Before Christmas” about a good nature man named Santa Claus. The Saint pulled by reindeer’s and came down by the chimney on Christmas Eve. Alike Saint Nicolas, Santa gave good cheer and gave gifts to good children.


Modern Christmas Celebrations

Modern Christmas Celebrations

With the power of industrialization & advertising, celebrations have changed from time to time. Once when Christmas only meant of spending time with family. Now, Christmas with holiday season helps a person to pre-plan days of Christmas.

Decorating houses, sending cards, decorating Christmas tree, and sending gifts are modern Christmas celebrations. People visit Churches on 25th of December and sing carols. Christmas Eve is spent with family and friends with a well-prepared feast.

This may bring a lot of financial pressure on some of the unfortunates. There is no reason to be ashamed of as God doesn’t encourage anyone of those. This one of those clever techniques of advertising in modern century.

Merry Christmas!

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