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Christmas Meaning, Definition, Origin, History

Christmas Meaning, Definition, Origin, History

We humans have a curious mind, we constantly thrive for different information and ideas. Psychologists say human have the tendency to adapt to new behaviors and changes. And, these new behaviors helps us understand new information. This new info stays for such a small span of time that next we hear the same thing, we say “I know this thing, but I can’t recall it”.

Why did I explain this to you? This is because when people jump into a concept with a title familiar to them. The roughly keep a sense of thought in their mind, I know all this stuff, but they don’t! Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, spend all over the globe, particularly by Christians. For those who doesn’t know anything about Christmas, we recommend reading the next paragraph – the meaning of Christmas. For those who have the rough idea, we would jump to origin and history of Christmas part. We’re sure, you wouldn’t have heard this before.


Christmas Definition: –

Christmas is the annual festival of Christian church commemorating the birth of Jesus. 25th of December also known as Christmas Eve is the time when the family has royal alike feast and exchange gifts. In most of the countries, the “Christmas Time” is celebrated with the legal holiday.


Christmas Meaning: –

What Is True & Real Meaning Of Word Christmas

There’s come a hard truth, Bible doesn’t mention the birth of Jesus on 25th of December. Oops! why Christians celebrates Christmas in December? This is because no one exactly knows the date of Jesus birth.

The observance of Christmas is not of divine appointment, nor is it of New Testament origin. Still, the procedures of gift giving, feasting, and partying are carried from Roman Times. Why is this so? This is because Christmas brings us together.

Christmas is a time of the year where you bond with your family or loved ones and start a new beginning to a year. The time of the year where the God showers his love and blessing to live a wonderful life. A time of the year where you feed the poor, give away to the unfortunates and say well the others. A time of the year to be help despite every other problem. This is the real meaning of the Christmas in our lives.


Christmas History: –

We’ll know the 25th of December has a more important significance for Christians. The holiday honors the birth of Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago. You may know that early days of Christianity, Christians didn’t celebrate Christmas at all. The Bible nor the early Christians couldn’t agree on the date, Jesus was actually born.

Christmas Meaning, Definition, Origin, History

Yule Tradition

Even before Jesus walked the Earth, societies have been celebrating life and birth in the darkest days of Winter. One of the Pagan festival celebrated around December 25th was Yule. Fathers and son would drag evergreen indoor as reminders of life. They would set logs on fire as a promise of good fortune.


Ancient Rome’s December Festival

Christmas Meaning, Definition, Origin, History

One week before the Winter Solstice (December), Roman would celebrate Saturnalia – The orgy of food and drink. The celebrations were in honor of Saturn – the God of Agriculture. While, on one end some Roman soldiers and officials also worshiped Mithra – the Sun God. It is believed according to the myth December 25th was the holiest day of the year – the birthday of Mithra.


4th Century A.D.

Pagan traditions were challenged, as Christianity took hold throughout the Empire. Since Pagan Rome already celebrated December 25th as the birth of Mithra (Sun God). The Church adopted the date as the birth of Christ’s Child.

In the 4th Century, the Church made is official declaring December 25th as the feast day. The Church couldn’t outlaw the Pagan Christmas tradition. So came to its acceptance and people started celebrating Christmas.


Origin of Christmas

Christmas as we know it didn’t begin until the 1800’s. This was because the tradition of Pagan festival included celebration such wild parties viz. Mardi Gras. This led to some Puritan Settlers to oppose the whole concept of celebration of Christmas in Colonial America.


Christmas Tree Origin: –


Christmas Meaning, Definition, Origin, History

In 1800, Prince Albert of Germany brought his country’s long-time tradition of decorating evergreen trees to England after his marriage to Queen Victoria.

In 1848, a picture of decorated 40 foot Christmas tree was published in an American magazine. And, the custom caught on the lands of The United State of America.

Origin of Exchanging Christmas Cards & Cards

Christmas Meaning, Definition, Origin, History

The tradition of exchanging Christmas cards was also started in England in the 1800’s. Giving gift is relatively old Christmas tradition with roots going back for many centuries. At first, gift giving has religious significance to remind people of gift brought to baby Jesus at the time of birth.

The Industrial revolution and rise of advertising in 19th and 20th century made Christmas the commercial holiday it is today.

Origin of Santa Claus

The story of Santa Claus began in the 4th century with the death Nicolas (a beloved Turkey Bishop). The anniversary of his death became known as Saint Nicolas Day. On this day, good children were awarded gift from a Saint and bad children got nothing. In Holland, he was known as Sinter Klaas.

Christmas Meaning, Definition, Origin, History

After a span of 1500 years, a seminary professor named Clement Clarke Moore re-imagined the legend of Saint Nicolas. In 1822, Moore wrote a poem called “Night Before Christmas” about a good nature man named Santa Claus. The Saint was pulled by reindeer’s and came down by the chimney on Christmas Eve. Alike Saint Nicolas, Santa gave good cheer and gave gifts to good children.

Merry Christmas!

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