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How many Countries Celebrate Christmas, Where Christmas is Celebrated?

How many Countries Celebrate Christmas, Where Christmas is Celebrated?

Christmas is among the most beloved festivals on the mother Earth. Irrespective of different caste, religion, beliefs – people follow the traditions of Christmas in their respective homes. This is the true spirit of Christmas, a festival which brings people come together and help each other. In the 21st century where a person is free to travel all across the World led to transculturation ( a mixture of 2 cultures). This is the point where people not only understand the meaning of a different culture but learns to make changes in their lives.

Why does a person do that, why don’t he stays in his own religious limit? This is because the meaning of religion was not just to form kingdoms but to bring people together. A person alone in the complete strange country need a person whom he can trust and rely on, irrespective of his religion, race, or skin tone.

There are 2 reasons, I explained the effect transculturation on Christmas. First, In 8th century when Christianity took all over the Europe they didn’t out lawe Pagan cultures. Second, this point helps understand the first. A festival is celebrated to unite people, trust each other, and help the unfortunates. This is the reason, Christians carried the same culture ahead with them.

Ancient Rome’s December Festival

How many Countries Celebrate Christmas, Where Christmas is Celebrated?

One week before the Winter Solstice (December), Roman would celebrate Saturnalia – The orgy of food and drink. The celebrations were in honor of Saturn – the God of Agriculture. While, on one end some Roman soldiers and officials also worshiped Mithra – the Sun God. It is believed according to the myth December 25th was the holiest day of the year – the birthday of Mithra.


4th Century A.D.

Pagan traditions were challenged, as Christianity took hold throughout the Empire. Since Pagan Rome already celebrated December 25th as the birth of Mithra (Sun God). The Church adopted the date as birth of the Christ’s Child.

In the 4th Century, the Church made is official declaring December 25th as the feast day. The Church couldn’t outlaw the Pagan Christmas tradition. So came to its acceptance.

How many Countries Celebrate Christmas?

How many Countries Celebrate Christmas, Where Christmas is Celebrated

Christmas is celebrated differently all over the world. Every country has their own traditional way of celebrating the holiday season.  While Christmas is now largely a secular holiday celebrated by over 160 countries. Christmas was traditionally a celebration of the birth of Jesus, and so some countries don’t commemorate it.

BelgiumGermanyMacedoniaSouth Africa
BoliviaGhanaMadagascarSouth Korea
BulgariaGreenlandMaltaSri Lanka
ChileHong KongNew ZealandTaiwan
Costa RicaHungaryNigeriaUK
Czech Rep.IndiaPakistanUSA
DR CongoIndonesiaPhilippinesVenezuela
EthiopiaJamaicaPuerto RicoZimbabwe
Falkland IslandsJapanThe Palestinian TerritoriesTrinidad & Tobago


Where Christmas Is Celebrated?

People who follows Christianity & believes in Jesus are the one’s who celebrate Christmas. As we discussed, there are many people around the globe who’re influenced with the idea of Christmas. These are the people who celebrate Christmas in their lives. To help you understand, Christmas is more of a cultural event to bring happiness in ones’ life.

Merry Christmas!

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