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What Is True & Real Meaning Of Word Christmas

What Is True & Real Meaning Of Word Christmas?

Winter is Coming! Well, some of the Game of Throne fans may laugh. Yeah, I know there may not be white walkers passing over in the winter nights expanding their weird army. But, there may be Santa sledding while you’re asleep and giving the weird gift you’d ever get. These gifts are none less terrible than those weird white walkers, some of them would completely agree with me, sigh!

There maybe something crazy about Christmas but, this festival of light is amazing among itself. For those who didn’t get me — first, we need to meet our crazy family. Second, Awesome because we don’t get to see soo much of sweets since Easter, food, gifts, holidays, friends, and much more. This isn’t my opinion, deep down everyone wants some.

What Is True & Real Meaning Of Word Christmas


True Meaning Of Word Christmas: –

When you must have read the title, the first thought that rush through our mind “everybody knows the meaning of Christmas!”. Yes, Christmas is the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth held on 25th of December. And, you stand uncorrected. The purpose of this article is not about explaining why Christmas is celebrated? But, to explain why Christmas is to helps us and how does it affects our lives. So, here is the true and real meaning of Christmas in our lives.

Christmas In Our Lives: –

What Is True & Real Meaning Of Word Christmas

Christmas is an act of something good to begin in our life. A part of the year which gives us the strength to fight against all the odds in our lives. Even though, the Bible doesn’t give the date of ‘Jesus’ birth, nor does it says us to celebrate his holiday then why do we celebrate Christmas?

The observance of Christmas is not of divine appointment, nor is it of New Testament origin. Still, the procedures of gift giving, feasting, and partying are carried from Roman Times. Why is this so? This is because Christmas brings us together.

In Indian culture, Diwali is celebrated as a festival of lights. Indians light lamps which represent to Lord Rama returning home after defeating the Evil. During Christmas or in churches, we light candle it represent the Star of Bethlehem. The light of candle represents the light of God upon us, and defeating the evil spirits.

Christmassy In 21st Century

What Is True & Real Meaning Of Word Christmas

Nowadays, Christmas maybe more often treated as a custom to be followed. A reason to be happy, because we don’t need to work for a week. Finally, a reason to do all those things which were left just planned. While for some Christmas often comes as a time of sorrow. The tricked into the tradition of sending gifts, cards, buying a tree, food – brings a lot of financial pressure upon people.

Christmas is a time of the year where you bond with your family or loved ones and start a new beginning to a year. The time of the year where the God showers his love and blessing to live a wonderful life. A time of the year where you feed the poor, give away to the unfortunates and say well the others. A time of the year to be help despite every other problem. This is the real meaning of the Christmas in our lives.

Real Meaning Of Word Christmas: –

In order to help you understand the meaning of Christmas, we bring you the video of the most famous Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The story portraits an old greedy man who hates Christmas and feels no pity for poor and the needy. The story runs in such a way, he gets to the understand the meaning of Christmas by watching a less fortunate but happy family celebrating on Christmas Eve. And, the what would happen after he dies and no one cared about him. The beautiful stories give a good idea and teach true and the real meaning of word Christmas.

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